A Letter To My Siblings Soon After Leaving The Hospital (Feb 2018) Having Had A Blood Clot In My Lungs (A PE). Although especially written for them it has meaning for all.

Document A Feb 2018 More Documents Follow

If we find ourselves being scared of the truth because of our religion,

we would do well to instead be scared of a religion that makes us scared of the truth.

Document B Feb 2021

Written After My Step Mother's Funeral And Shares

Some Astonishing Incidents God's Providence Brought About.

Document C July 2020

This Document Share More Related Issues And Incidents

Written at a time when I was possibly too disturbed at people's lack of response.

Yet Another Amazing Event

The funeral for the above death was the first of July while God had yet another shaking for this church at the end of August. My wife was en route to Tennessee and Texas to see some of our children who had refused to look at the video I sent them, which I felt was so crucial. But when almost 1/2 way there their was a tragic accident killing a mother and baby from the same church and where the tree fell, which tragedy brought my wife home for the funeral instead of seeing our children. Yes instead of my wife being gone to Tennessee and Texas she came home, and our daughter from Idaho came home for the funeral. And interestingly while they were here for the funeral God did another amazing thing. Yes we were planning to have a picnic one evening and for some reason I took the kettle out to the picnic area a bit early before we went to a small cleaning job. Interestingly about 6 hours later when I can back to the picnic area to continue with the picnic plans this is what I seen. The tree holding the light had broken off and one part of the top of it fell blocking the path, and another part blocked the kettle which I had just set out shortly before. Outside of this there was very little sign of a storm, although near by they had much more storm. God is speaking but who hears?

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and numerous other miraculous tree events.

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An Encouraging Flower Nicely Ends Up On My Computer.

And Occurring At A Special Time Within The Few Weeks

Between My Step Mother's Funeral And Our Siblings Reunion.

This flower fell from a dried plant near by and landed just like this, and no it was not because blooms had been often falling as I am not aware that any fell before this. Coming to my computer one morning I found it as this. Note how perfectly it is arranged! The week this occurred I with a heavy heart had spoken to my siblings about how they had rejected the unique and meaningful miracles God had sent my way, and how I suspected they might not even read what I had written to them. While this flower incident then provided yet another amazing incident, and further gave a wonderful endorsement to my writing computer and writing, obviously encouraging me in my writing. Yes I have written and written, and God has sent miracles and miracles, and people have ignored and ignored, and one of these days God likely will send fire and fire, as many have foretold and foretold. For more see www.OhGodSave.com And www.PleaseReadIt.com.

Small Flower

Uniquely Decorates

My Computer

Incident Of Feb 27 2021

Document D

Dear Brothers At The

Apostolic Pentecostal Church

And A Good Read For Others As Well!

A Letter Where Much Was Discovered While Writing!

My prayer is that God will somehow unite me with a church and fellowship such as I felt among you dear people on Sunday evening of 2/20/2022. I wept like a child seeing the joy, the power, and the glory of God among you and for some reason could hardly stop weeping. And certainly wept while writing this letter. I visited your church feeling weak and crushed both physically and emotionally. But being there made me see there is still amazing grace in our dark world. For nearly 35 years my passion for eternal values and for rock bottom truth has made me to become as I often felt the filth and the offscouring of all things, including our religious world (1Cor 4:13). Yes being shunned by my wife, family, and children, as is demanded by my past church. Therewith my children and grandchildren growing up, with me their father and grandpa, not allowed to eat at the same table, and yes being presented to them as a erring one or deceiver. Nevertheless even before being excommuni-cated God showed me the excommunication would happen. But therewith I felt God also clearly showed me that at least part of my past church would soon receive me. And for many years therewith I anticipated a wonderful reconciliation of some kind occurring. But with my hopes being repeatedly dashed to pieces for more than 30 years, my faith certainly has been severely tested, although in God’s sight 30 years is very short. And on top of this recently I am having difficult health issues which seemed to have started in a special fast. Nevertheless God can heal, and I realize sickness can make one more tender hearted, and in our weakness He can be made strong, and I as such visited your church and yes was so greatly blessed.

My Relations To You And My Past

Now regarding my relationship to all of you, my passionate prayer is that somehow our mutual love for God, love for truth, and for one another would somehow bind us together as beloved brothers in Christ, regardless of some differences of understanding we might have on various religious issues. And may we rather than focusing on the differences we might have, first focus on loving one another, and focus on what we do agree on, and on seeking God’s will and letting Him work all else out in His way and His time. For almost 35 years I largely have been in a very lonely wilderness, but in the very lonely wilderness God seen fit to have me deeply search for truth without seeking to favor any denomination, or to favor any religious doctrine or tradition whatsoever. And yes I had to change my views many times in my research and yes at times been astonished as well as quite stretched by the congenial things which appeared to be Biblical truth. Yes I found God’s law certainly is a perfect law of liberty, and beyond what most religious ones realize. Admittedly in my extensive and careful research I may have become too certain on some of my conclusions, and may God give me a truly honest and open and discerning heart! Further God over the years seen fit to kindly confirm and encourage my research with almost numberless miracles. Yes God knows how lonely and needy I have been during all these years while seeking for solid rock truth, and therewith kindly seen fit to provide many signs to both teach me and others, and for which I greatly thank Him!

My Rejection And Excommunication

When I was first excommunicated it was largely because I had too many questions and had become too zealous and thus did not fit in with my Church’s norm, rather than being excommunicated because of conflicting religious teachings. Actually the main difference was I too literally believed what the Bible said and too literally believed what they claimed to believe, rather than merely holding to it in a mostly religious Sunday School talk and little do manner. Through a special research of saving faith and a special encounter with God, I had got a glimpse of heavenly things and therewith my heart quite forcibly turned from earthly interests to eternal ones. I at the time almost had to weep when largely all my church brothers seemed to want to talk about was their farms, work, and earthly interests. Yes admittedly I had become quite different than the norm which was a natural discomfort for lukewarm religion and which disruption was unacceptable and thus accused as stemming from a foreign spirit and deception. www.PleaseReadIt.com shares my related experiences.

My Imprisonment Dream

Not too many years after being excommunicated, and while still having largely the same conservative mindset as my past church, I had a dream wherein I seen myself in my manners and appearance passionately seeking to follow what I felt was moral, pure, and right, and yes being persecuted for it besides. And yes that was exactly how my life was. But in the dream it then was stated, "Away from the fold away from the sheep bound in a prison in a prison so deep” and I think also stated “away from the sheep away from the fold out on the mountains dark and cold”. Therewith the day following the dream I was deeply troubled and wondered what the dream all meant, and wondered what I should do, or what was wrong. But thank God He seen my cry that very difficult day and the next night gave me another dream and in it Joseph (or one like him) was set free from prison and therewith there was utter excitement in my personal family about Joseph being found still alive and in an amazing position after his imprisonment. Joseph’s family was surprised where Joseph was found after released from a God allowed (although unjust) prison and I felt God was showing me someday my family would also be amazed when I am delivered from an unjust prison. All this certainly still seems impossible and tests my faith, but with God all things are possible. Yes the dream of the second night was a great relief to me, and most of all because if I was wrongly rejected as Joseph rather than in prison because of my own sins, I still was saved and a child of the King (our heavenly Father)! Even if thrust out on the mountains dark and cold and bound in a prison so deep!

Elisha Christa’s Valentines Prophecy

A prophetess I quite often watch on YouTube called Elisha Christa, prophesied of a special love revolution beginning this February at Valentines, and which love revolution certainly could pertain to a restoration of lost truths about Valentines issues, as well as a revolution of Christ’s love among Christians. And yes for many years I have been praying for a much needed love and truth revolution, and therewith was hoping that this February would be the start of that revolution. And yes the beginning of the fulfillment of the many good things which God has shown me would occur and which I have been waiting on for so many years. God for some reason has sent me many miraculous and meaningful events at Valentines or near it, and therewith I certainly was very interested in Christa’s Valentines love revolution prophecy. And visiting your church less than a week after Valentines, on 2/20/2022, and seeing your love and passionate message about love, and therewith the beauty, joy, and passion within the service, I was brought to an abundance of tears. Your morning service of 2/20/2022, which I watched on line, included a most powerful and shaking message on LOVE by brother Andrew! After which I then attended in person in the evening. And I pray this Valentines is a beginning of a love and fellowship revolution for me and many others.

I attended your service because a Christian friend (John Stone), who was planning to visit your church, invited me to also attend. And yes I was greatly blessed as if sitting in heavenly places, and yes I pray for much more of that wonderful worship experience! John who invited me, knowing I had almost overwhelming concerns about religious errors, including erring traditions that debase the glory of woman’s long hair and much more, earlier had encouraged me to go on a 21 day fast. John said God told him He would greatly bless doing so. John knowing I had great concerns about Valentines issues, also had spoke to me of the number two relating to marriage or companionship, and yes therewith got me into really thinking about how the numbers one and two so keenly relate to unity and companionship or oppositely being alone and apart. And yes the numbers one and two certainly have rich meaning when pointing to either Christian unity, or marriage and Valentines issues. And herewith God who greatly cares about marriage and Valentines matters astonishingly seen fit to place the 21 day fast precisely between 1/11/2022 and 2/2/2022, thus involving many ones and twos, as well as the fast also being shortly before Valentines. Is it a coincidence to insert 21 days between such outstanding dates or was it God’s mighty hand? Interestingly the fast itself extended from 1/12/2022 through 2/1/2022, this somehow still keeping within the one and two aspect. Certainly things must be just right to keep dates within ones and twos as this, and is this all coincidence? Note, other unique dates with astonishing related events will be shared later. Again with regards to ones and twos, God has a wonderful plan about two becoming one (marriage), while on the other hand the serpent which deceives the whole world has miserably confused and suppressed the Valentines subject. Therewith our God who hates all oppression and lies, has sent many miracles to expose the serpents lies. God certainly cares about oppressions which debase the beauty and glory of SHE whom He created to be the glory of man. Yes He cares about the bitterly veiled Muslims as well as others!

Mr. Sheets Prophecy Of Blessing Etc

Some years ago I created a special map showing a literal gas pipeline, as if carrying fuel for revival extending from near Minerva Ohio to Dearborn, Michigan, yes Dearborn being a most outstanding and darkly veiled Muslim settlement. The literal pipeline actually starts at an enlightening flame God sent on my very 50th birthday and seen for forty miles around, and which flame God had perfectly timed within my studies to carry a liberating message about veiling. Yes a message which Muslims and many around our world greatly need. And most astonishingly Sheets Ministries two years after I had created the pipeline map had a special prayer meeting near Dearborn largely the destiny of my map, and in the meeting spoke of a tsunami of power coming to the area which certainly aligned with the pipeline on my map. Further Sheets spoke of God tearing off the veil of false religion in the area and of numerous things that amazingly fitted my life and situation. And then above all, at the end of the meeting quite obviously knowing nothing of me, my efforts, or my long awaited expectations of many good things, prophetically called out my very name saying, “Amos, the Lord says, yes indeed it won’t be long now, God’s decree, things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing after the other, you won’t be able to keep up with it, everything will happen all at once, and everywhere you look blessings etc”. Wow, what a message, and being miraculously combined with other amazing events! God certainly can put things together in ways that makes my little head spin or swim! And herewith and even further on the very last day of my 21 day food siege or fast (2/1/2022), Dutch Sheets’ daily message incidentally was called “From A Siege To A Suddenly”, yes making my little head which has been awaiting so many good things to spin even more. And yes may God turn my tested faith, and food siege or fasting into a sudden realization of the many good things promised. And yes bless others therewith as well! And further the next day (being 2/2/2022) Dutch Sheets’ daily message pertained to Isaiah 22:22 which pertains to God graciously granting His key which can open and none can shut and shut and none can open. And yes may we use those keys to set the captives free, and to open the eyes of the blind, and to bring 2020 vision to a dark world! And yes to unlock and remove the mask that the Devil has been hiding behind for far too long, and yes to expose his lies! Yes the Bible speaks of him the man of sin being particularly revealed before the end, and may we use the vital keys God gives us to expose him! Note, GodBeMyRock.com shares the video where Sheets calls out my name, as well as many stunning miracles which God provided to encourage and enlighten. And even further the very date of Sheets message is quite meaningful, as is shared shortly!

Importance Of Unity And 2020 Vision

Sheets spoke of great blessing, and yes the greatest blessing we can receive is an outpouring of 2020 vision from heaven and loving unity therewith. And oh how our divided and confused religious world needs that gracious outpouring! Yes needs heaven’s vision and unity which works in humility, faith, love, and joy! Interestingly while writing this very paragraph God uniquely brought to my attention that the word humility has two eyes, and without the two vital eyes embedded in humility we cannot expect to ever get 2020 vision! Oh God give us humility and its vital eyes! Actually when first writing humility in this very paragraph, I for some strange reason noticeably could not get the second i put into the word humility, and therewith then noticed humility has two eyes, and then it forcibly struck me we need the two eyes of humility to ever attain 2020 vision! And even further there also is an L between the eyes of humility, and yes the eyes of true humility have love firmly fixed between them as they provide us with 2020 vision. Sorry I notice so many things, but God certainly can give lessons in many ways!

The Numbers One And Two Etc

In the past I never put much into the meanings of numbers. But recently, and after my friend spoke of the meaning of the number two, I became very impressed with the obvious meaning of ones and twos. And therewith greatly impressed with the tremendous difference of being divided and alone or rather having blessed companionship. And seeing the immense significance of these numbers I naturally was quite amazed at the dates 1/11/2022, 2/2/2022 which God placed just outside of my 21 day fast, as well as the dates 1/12/2022 - 2/1/2022 being the extents of the fast. Yes all ones and twos and combined with a fast particularly focused on issues that the numbers one and two represent. Yes God said it is not good for man to be alone and said two shall become one. And therewith created woman to be the glory of man and said it was very good. And yes for twenty years I continued to write many articles, allegories, and poems sharing my deep concerns about religious oppressions as crush and debase woman’s glory and beauty, and much more. Yes passionately seeking to unveil and alleviate suppressions related in any way to the doctrines of devils which disallowed marriage. And in my many concerns on all details about this hush hush subject, I possibly have allowed myself to feel too alienated from other Christians because of fearing their objections. Yes may God help us find His way on an avoided, but possibly our world’s most important subject, and wherein confusion and disagreements abound. Yes concerning the elephant in the room, which most ignore, and few have courage to touch, and fewer still have courage to tackle, sometimes I have felt God has left me to try to deal with this massive elephant all alone! But certainly not all alone as God in His mercy and concern about oppressions relating to the elephant in the room has continued to send miracle after miracle over the years to confirm and encourage my efforts. But at the same time my prayer certainly has been that God would keep me from false signs and wonders!

Again regarding the vital meanings of ones and twos, as in the rich blessing of marital or Christian companionship, there is something still much more important than those, or companionships of any sort. And that is possessing heaven’s 2020 vision as needed to guide us safely onward to a home in Heaven! Yes so very important that many prophets in old times were sadly persecuted, and yes became very alone as they sought to follow and promote heaven’s 2020 vision! Having needed vision and being alone is certainly better than lacking vision and with companionship, as might even be misleading you. And yes I myself for over 30 years have been a lonely one, largely because of passionately seeking to find and share heaven’s 2020 vision. Nevertheless God for over 30 years, in many manners has promised me the blessing of moving from a one position onward to a two or fellowship position. Yes a blessed fellowship united with needed 2020 vision.

Dates With Amazing Significance!

Now considering the meanings of ones and twos and possible meaningful dates therewith, if God would wish to pick a special calendar date whose numbers would most clearly carry a message of the blessing of moving from being pained and alone to unity and companionship, and above all therewith having 2020 vision, what date would best describe all of that? Would not 11/22/2020 be a wonderful date to indicate the blessing of change from loneliness to companionship, together with having unity with 2020 vision? Most certainly so, please note first the ones then the twos and then the 2020! And likely the best possible date in all of history to portray that rich blessing! And yes as to add even more to all the miracles God has sent my way, God herewith ordained that the Sheets special prophecy which called out my very name with promise of great blessing was on that very date! Yes on 11/22/2020 Sheets called out my name in a most astonishing manner with a rich message of blessing! And yes may that blessing lead me from being sadly alone to blessed Christian fellowship and together with 2020 vision!

Again considering the obvious and rich meaning of ones and twos if God would also wish to pick a special date whose numbers would most vividly portray the rich blessing of possessing 2020 vision while also being surrounded with blessed unity and companionship, what date might that be? Would not 2/20/2022 be a most wonderful date to portray 2020 vision surrounded with companionship and unity? Yes certainly so, please note the 2020 surrounded by twos! Actually only one other date in history has 2020 surrounded by twos being 2/20/202 being 1800 years ago. And yes God adding even more miracles to all of this, seen fit I first visited your church on 2/20/2022. Yes I visited your church on a date almost like none other in history as points to 2020 vision surrounded with the blessing of companionship and unity! And may that visit and experience be a least a beginning of finding what 2/20/2022 represents! No I can hardly wrap my little head around all these amazing things, but I know my great God can!! Yes these things make me weep as they are so amazing. Yes God is up to something and I want to see it! And may the Christian unity surrounding an outpouring of 2020 vision, increase rather than decrease according to the double twos at the end of 2/20/2022! And above all may we have the two eyes of humility or we never will be privileged to see the great things God has and wants us to see in life and eternity! How many will Jesus weep over saying "..If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes." (Luke 19:42)?

And again considering the obvious and rich meaning of ones and twos if God would wish to now pick two calendar dates whose numbers would best portray the moving from loneliness as in January of 2022 to fellowship and companionship in February of 2022 what two dates would best portray such? Would not the dates 1/11/2022 and 2/2/2022 almost be the best possible dates to portray that blessed change? Please note the three ones pertaining to January, and the two twos pertaining to February! And yes herewith God seen fit that the date before my 21 day fast was 1/11/2022 and the date after the fast was 2/2/2022, yes being those very dates! And may God bless the special fast He planned as to bring about the change portrayed by those dates! Yes I the lonely one of January visited your church in February, and not only in February, but on a most meaningful date in February as spoken of above (2/20/2022). And oh may God work in us His will and bring me from the one position into the two, and uniting us and many others in love and with 2020 vision. Yes in a love revolution beginning in February as Elisha Christa prophesied! Interestingly I was largely finishing this letter on March 4th, and yes may God’s people this March March 4th with 2020 vision inspired by a love revolution. Yes dates can have a message!

And even further, God provided that another meaningful event occurred on 2/2/2020 being another outstanding date pointing to both unity and 2020 vision. On that day I thought my wife had thrown her head veil into the garbage, as I seen something on top of our garbage can which looked just like her veil. And I certainly believe when my wife and I and Christians are united in 2020 vision that is where crushing veiling will go. But upon close inspection I did find it to be a small sewed black bag of some sort. Nevertheless it was a most excellent representation of her veil being in the garbage and on a date that points to unity and vision (2/2/2020). And Oh God give us unity and vision. And even further I had just sent a video to her church staff emphasizing that God intended long hair as a glorious covering for she who God created to be the glory of man. And as I remember immediately after sharing such with my wife’s church I went downstairs to the kitchen and seen what looked exactly like her veil in the garbage. Was this coincidence or God’s hand showing where crushing veiling belongs and someday will go when united with 2020 vision? Interestingly, together with my great concern about women’s long hair being a glory as God intended, God seen fit when I first visited your church that I somehow ended up sitting right behind Amy (my mothers name is also Amy) and Amy likely provided the most glorious or beautiful example of long hair as a glory to women in your whole church. Yes it is very sad that although God intended women to be the glory of man and therewith to have power (liberty) about her head like (or with) the glorious angels, the serpent has turned things around so bitterly that many women rather than having similarity with angels are veiled to almost appear like witches or demons.

God Knows When To Strike The Match!

Interestingly Sheets shortly before calling out my name and with great blessing had spoke of God knowing just when to strike the match. And may the Love Revolution Christa Elisha prophesied of beginning in February suddenly ignite. And may it like dynamite blow harsh and blind religious traditions, and bitter and unkind walls dividing Christians around our world, sky high. Yes as in a unique vision God gave Mr. Stone who invited me to your church. And may oppressive manmade religious walls that misrepresent our good God to our world also be blown sky high! And then with man’s walls removed, may Christians be united in love and 2020 vision as never before, and therewith reach out and save others as never before. Yes bringing many into God’s good plan on earth, and most of all to forever dwell within heaven’s pearly gates! And oh may God send a faith and love revolution that inspires all Christians to love Christ and His truth more than their old traditions and pet beliefs. Yes a faith and love revolution that causes Christians to love the truth more than love proving they already had it! And yes to love other Christians as themselves! And in that humility, faith and love to have open eyes and minds rather than open mouths, being tinted with their or man’s agendas rather than Christ’s! And oh may God help us to understand Christ’s agenda, who came to set the captives free, to open blind eyes, and who rebuked the commandments of men and spoke of truth setting free as it certainly encloses God’s perfect law of liberty.

Dear brothers at your church I apologize that this letter got so very long, but somehow as I was writing new things continued to present themselves which I so much wished to share. And herewith I would greatly desire your prayers and the prayers of your church, for my physical healing, and which is needed in many ways. But most of all prayers that God would bless me with humility, love, and needed 2020 vision. And yes my heart also cries out for Christian fellowship. Most times when I share things as I am sharing here, on Facebook, for whatever reason there is very little response, and it breaks my heart and I feel pained and alone. Yes the message God has given me is most sweet to my mouth, but makes the belly most bitter when people reject or overlook God’s signs and wonders, as well as the beautiful message!

21 Day Fast And No Teeth For 21 Days!

And even further as if confirming my 21 day fast, God seen fit that my dentures got run over with a vehicle soon after starting the fast leaving me without literal teeth during the fast, and yes even further for exactly 21 full days! Although I got into a dentist the very next day to get new dentures for some reason it took 21 days. Yes God confirmed the fast He planned in a very unique manner! But somehow in the fast I became very weak physically and have not been able to regain my health as yet. But have been very weak and in great need of physical healing in many ways. But therewith I pray God’s strength will be made perfect in weakness! And yes I certainly do know my life and all is in God’s great hands as He so kindly has shown me through His many sovereign signs and events! Back in 2018 I was in the hospital for three days with a blood clot in my leg and lung and with the middle day of my hospital stay uniquely being Valentines Day. Yes God sees and loves us even when weak and sick. Therewith some months later as I was recovering and being so delighted about feeling stronger again, I told my wife I wanted to run a race with her, but as we ran in this most unusual race (possibly a once in a life time race), God in His great power and goodness sent a wind and dropped a significant size branch out of a tree right in front of me almost hitting me on the head. Therewith God together with kindly sparing me, clearly was letting me know my life is in His hands rather than mine, and that I can do nothing without Him as He can stop me at any time! And yes may He do so when needed!

Desiring Fellowship And Disappointment

But regardless of the almost numberless miracles God has sent my way, somehow when I reach out to communicate with particular Christians with whom I would love to communicate, for whatever reason so often I get no response. Thus sometimes I think God might be moving even Godly people to ignore me to test me or to teach me to look only to Him, although the lack of communication greatly pains, and at times makes one feel as if endlessly alienated in solitary confinement. And also to be very concerned about somehow having been misled, and therewith thought unworthy of communications. And yes in that afflicted state I have often thought of the following Scripture, and may God provide that the last of the Scripture will become just as much of a reality as the first has been, “O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires. …And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children." (Isa 54:11-13). And yes may I someday be united in fellowship where we are all taught of God and with great peace for both us and our children!! Too often people will ignore someone simply because they are not popular, regardless of all else. Nevertheless among you I felt such love and care I could not stop weeping!! And herewith I greatly pray the sincere differences of understanding we might have would not destroy the love, and even seeming appreciation for me I felt emitting from you!! Somehow I felt like I was sitting in heavenly places among you and my crushed heart was so lifted. And you seemed to be genuine rather than simply manmade copies of the real and thus merely religious.

My Views About Valentines Issues

Regarding issues about Valentines, I certainly believe in marriage, and therewith secure homes, and families. Yes, God instituted marriage to further and protect happy families, rather than sexual chaos reigning, with lovers as well as innocent children often sooner rather than later being tossed to and fro! And yes, gay lifestyle rather than being something to be proud about, at the least should be counted unhealthy, as such lifestyle or anything that God does not approve of is sin. God also through miraculous images He uniquely sent at Valentines quite clearly rebuked all anal relations. Although having passionately sought to discern God’s good sexual laws, nevertheless many Christians after seeing my related websites and writings may still feel I have through my research and the many liberating signs God has sent, become too liberal about issues relating to feminine beauty and sexuality. And my fear that possibly most Christians somehow may be quietly holding me liable as such (on this hush hush subject) has tended to make me feel even more secluded and alone. In my Biblical research, especially involving the original Hebrew and Greek Bible text, I must admit I myself often was amazed how liberal the Bible really is about Valentines matters, and which liberality many amazing miracles somehow have confirmed. Regarding these things, many likely cannot imagine or largely overlook how liberal God was in ancient times in Israel. And may God, whose commandments are based on love and not grievous, help us find His way in our present time (1John 5:3). My website LostSexEd.com and related sites share many of my concerns.

I Can Trust God To Lead Or Stop Me!

In the process of becoming more liberal about issues about feminine beauty and sexuality, I naturally was very concerned about being misled and certainly wanted God to somehow stop me in my tracts rather than being misled and misleading others as well! Therewith while uniquely in the hospital exactly over Valentines I purposed upon discharge to reexamine issues, and greatly desired God would show me if I had any teachings online about Valentines issues (or others) that needed changed. Yes it takes much faith and is very difficult for an ultra cautious person to stand against popular religious tradition and the beliefs of others, even with seeming clear Biblical reason and an abundance of miracles and more. And especially to take a liberal stand, although Jesus Himself was often rejected as a liberal, and Paul after speaking of sexual oppression and more, spoke of good ministers of Christ being those who rebuke such oppression (1 Tim 4:1-6). Herewith regarding my concerns about somehow being misled, I recently was very encouraged. Yes I was deeply impressed that my great God who so clearly showed me He could stop me in my tracts, by the tree branch almost hitting me on the head (in the special race soon after my hospital stay), certainly could and would mercifully somehow stop me in my tracts rather than allowing me to be misled and misleading others! Yes the one who I can trust so wondrously regarding my physical life, I can also wondrously trust with regards to my Spiritual life! This was a most encouraging thought and truth! However after my hospital stay God rather than revealing error continued to give more and greater miracles to confirm my liberated conclusions. And yes therewith provided another most meaningful and yes blunt incident during my 21 day lost teeth fast. That incident of Jan 15 2022 can be seen at www.ComeRevival.com.

I Don’t Want To Offend By Liberality

Nevertheless rather than being offensive or divided from other sincere Christians as you because of these issues, I would certainly seek to abstain even from things which I would feel healthy and lawful. But at the same time I certainly don’t want to portray our good God to our suffering world as having difficult demands He does not have, and which harsh demands would rather relate to doctrines of Devils which disallowed marriage, and much more. Mistaken religions, presenting oppressive manners stemming from doctrines of devils as commandments of God, have turned many away from God altogether! Certainly I don’t want to bring guilt or shame upon anyone who abides within the gracious boundaries of God’s perfect law of liberty simply because their conduct is not as conservative as mine. Nevertheless, as stated I neither want to be divided from other sincere Christians who could bless and encourage me, by allowing manners in my life that may be offensive to some who see things differently. I after having been a lonely outcast for so many years certainly desire warm and intimate Christian fellowship, and yes want God’s love revolution in my heart insomuch I can greatly appreciate those who don’t see things just as I do, and because we both certainly believe in and love Jesus!

Although seeking accurate truth, yielding to it, and furthering it is of utmost importance, the Bible also speaks of God fulfilling the desires of the humble and those who fear Him (Psa 145:19, 10:17). And thus may God in His great mercy, fulfill the desires of those who greatly long for intimate Christian fellowship, with that very fellowship, as well as sufficient truth to both save and comfort the heart. And may God deliver me from pride which brings contention, and grant me humility, open heartedness, and love which certainly helps people see eye to eye. May the reality of Psalm 133:1-2 and Isaiah 52:8 be our blessing! And thanks for reading!